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Muehlstein North America

Global Perspective.

Since Herman Muehlstein founded our company back in 1911, we have focused on using information and technology to build and maintain a worldwide supply network with people on the ground in 76 countries supplying polymers to more than 6,400 manufacturers.

Personal Expertise.

Our broad products, offering predictable pricing services and industry leading online tracking systems is the most unique in the industry -- but it’s our people that truly make us experts. Their skills in building lasting relationships and harnessing purchasing power and distribution systems allows Muehlstein to offer unparalleled customer service.

Muehlstein operates worldwide through its divisions, Muehlstein International, Muehlstein
Canada and Pegasus Polymers. Muehlstein is also a proud member of the Ravago Group,
the global leader in the distribution, engineering, resale and compounding of commodity, specialty plastic and rubber products.





  The Global Leader in Polymer Distribution, Resale and Compounding.