We’re as flexible as plastic.

Want the right resin at the right price?
We’re flexible. Inventive. Experienced. Reliable.
And do what others can’t—or won’t.

Who We Are The Muehlstein Brand

Muehlstein is a different kind of leader with a long heritage and track record of innovation. Founded in 1911, we pioneered polymer distribution in North America. Today, we market billions of pounds of polymers as a proud member of the Ravago Group, a global leader in the distribution, resale, and compounding of plastic and rubber polymers. Our unique culture is entrepreneurial and emphasizes flexibility and fresh thinking.

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Our Houston Supercenter

Our Values

These core values, established by Herman Muehlstein in 1911, continue to guide us today.

Be easy to do business with.

We’re flexible and non-contractual in our thinking.

Deliver on our promises.

You can count on us to do what we say we’ll do.

Always find a better way.

We’re creative and innovate to deliver 
better value.

Our Focus

Our sweet spot is delivering the broadest commodity product line to more than 1,100 medium to ultra-large plastic converters who buy in bulk. These products include:

  • PE
  • PP
  • PET
  • Styrenics
  • Recycled

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Why Choose Muehlstein?

We’re not in this to get rich quick.

We act in the long-term best interests of our clients and care about meeting your needs today, and tomorrow.

Our people.

We have a proud and driven team with long tenure. They know their stuff, work well together and look after the smallest details.

We have the broadest commodity product line.

We’re also backed by unmatched relationships with best-in-class resin producers around the globe.

Fixed and flexible pricing.

We have the experience, insight and conviction to offer reliable, extended fixed pricing. Ask us about it.

A full line of recycled plastics.

We offer a broad array of environmentally friendly post-consumer and post-industrial products.

We invent solutions.

We devote lots of brain cells to solving complex challenges. Our culture gives us the freedom to innovate–and we do!

Where We Fit

Savvy, large customers that buy producer-direct often set aside a chunk of their resin supply to Muehlstein, seizing advantage of the spot and import markets. Revealing fact: Thanks to our broad product mix, extensive local inventory, and quick service, 80% of our customers buy two or more products from us.

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We Know The Market

Some domestic suppliers have embedded interests and biased talking points on the market. Not Muehlstein. We buy and sell globally and not only know the market, but share our unbiased, unfiltered market intelligence with our customers, who rely on us for advice on when to buy, and when not to.

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