True Tales

Maybe it’s our entrepreneurial culture. Or the fact that we’re part of a private company that detests bureaucracy. But while other resin providers may claim to provide exceptional service, Muehlstein actually delivers. Not just for clients, but as you’ll see below, for prospective clients. For us, going the extra mile is simply what we do.

All in a Day’s Work

“In a nutshell, my job as a Product Coordinator is to make sure everything we need gets ordered from our suppliers and is delivered to the right place at the right time. I’ve been with Muehlstein more than 20 years and have learned that although I can’t prepare for everything, I can prepare for a lot. That way we can achieve one of our main goals: reliable, on-time delivery.

For example, consider what happened when there was flooding in the Midwest. It was so severe, railroad tracks were closed and it became clear that railcars wouldn’t be able to get through to our customers. Time to panic? No, time to act.

As soon as I saw the problem unfolding, I arranged for customers who might be affected to have their shipments delivered over the roads. I also ordered more material from our suppliers, making sure our warehouses had all the inventory they would need.

I even arranged for one customer to get the resin earmarked for a different customer, and back-filled to make sure the second customer still got what they needed on time.

At Muehlstein, doing stuff like that is no big deal. It’s all in a day’s work.”

Melissa VanDenBerg
Product Coordinator

Mission Accomplished. Again.

“I’m a Muehlstein Sales Coordinator. Simply put, that means I work with sales reps and see a transaction through from beginning to end. After our reps make a sale, they hand it over to someone like me. I get the PO and make sure the material is delivered when it’s promised.

One day I got an email from a rep who needed four bulk trucks of resin to go from a warehouse in New Jersey to a customer in Massachusetts. He said it was urgent. He wasn’t exaggerating–the material was needed in one day.

At Muehlstein we’re encouraged to be entrepreneurial and do whatever it takes to solve a problem. I love that about my job because it gives me the chance to think out of the box.

Given the time crunch we were under, I couldn’t wait for the allocation to be completely confirmed, I had to be proactive. I immediately contacted the warehouse to make sure they had everything needed. They did. The warehouse manager pre-arranged all four trucks of material and made sure they were loaded and ready to roll. The resin was delivered when it was promised, on time. Once again, Muehlstein’s mission was accomplished.”

Angel Melendez
Sales Coordinator

Avoiding a Disaster

“I’ll never forget the call. I’m a Muehlstein Sales Coordinator and am used to having a lot of challenges and curveballs thrown my way, but this was something different.

A worried customer in Flint, Michigan was on the line. Our shipment of high-density polyethylene had been successfully delivered about a month earlier. But there was a problem. Our customer had released the railcar – only to later realize it still had between 60,000 and 70,000 pounds of HDPE in it. This was causing the railcar to be seriously imbalanced, which could lead to a derailment and a disaster. The railcar was moved to a closed yard.

The customer had no idea what to do and was turning to us for help. Although Muehlstein was not at fault, we’ll do anything to help a customer. Anything.

I made a bunch of calls, and eventually found a third-party trucking company that went to the closed yard and blew the material from the railcar into a bulk truck. I also hired an e-Railsafe certified expert who made sure the entire process was handled safely.

At Muehlstein, we’re not always able to avoid problems. Nobody can. But we’re almost always able to solve them.”

Chris Mullen
Sales Coordinator