The Story of Muehlstein

The year was 1911. William Howard Taft was president. Roald Amundsen led the first expedition to the South Pole. And an immigrant named Herman Muehlstein founded the company that still bears his name.

Through two world wars, the Great Depression, and dramatic changes in the plastics industry, the company has not just endured, but prospered. Today, Muehlstein is part of the Ravago Group, a global leader with offices in more than 50 countries and annual polymer sales of more than 10 billion pounds.

The entrepreneurial spirit imbued in the company by our founder—and the innovative, can-do culture it inspired—has helped Muehlstein remain fiercely dedicated to the success of our customers and suppliers.

A Company Timeline

How to pronounce our name.

Company founded as rubber recycler in Akron, Ohio by Herman Muehlstein.

Early Muehlstein logo. 1911

Muehlstein diversifies 
into crude rubber by purchasing direct from suppliers in the far east.


Muehlstein enters the 
synthetic rubber field; 
is appointed U.S. Government Rubber Reclamation Agent
for war effort.

Illustrated stack of tires. 1944

We first begin to trade 
in off-grade plastics.

Illustrated color pellets. 1951

Company reaches 
historic distribution agreement with Dow, pioneers plastic distribution in U.S.


Muehlstein withdraws from the crude rubber business, shifts focus 
to plastics.

Illustrated truck. 1964

We establish 
exclusive distribution agreement with 
Mobil Chemical.


Mobil purchases Muehlstein.

Mobil logo. 1980

Corporate identity 
is changed.

Old Muehlstein logo. 1988

Employees buy Company back. We launch Channel Polymers and 
the Certene® brand.

Illustration of a bag of Certene. 1996 launches.


Muehlstein buys Prime Alliance, creates Channel Prime Alliance.


Company is proud 
to be acquired by 
Ravago Group.

Illustration of Ravago logo. 2006

New corporate identity 
is unveiled.

Muehlstein modern logo. 2011

Muehlstein enters 
PET business, 
acquires Burcham and 
Meckler & Assoc.


Opening of Houston