About Ravago

Muehlstein was acquired by Ravago in 2006 and is delighted to be part of this unique family-owned company. Established in 1961, Ravago is guided by modest leaders who are true believers in autonomy, fostering independent thinking, action, and experimentation.

Based in Luxembourg, Ravago is a global leader in plastics distribution, compounding, and recycling. It’s also involved in plastics manufacturing, trading, building and construction solutions, chemical distribution, and the resale of various products. The company operates around the world and has enabled Muehlstein to expand its already wide global presence. Learn more about Ravago.

What Ravago Does

Three Overarching Goals For All Ravago Employees:

  1. Do what’s best for the customer and we all succeed.
  2. Enjoy your work and collaborate with your colleagues.
  3. Avoid bureaucracy, while fostering creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit.