Assured Supply

Supply You Can Count On

To guarantee fast, flexible, reliable delivery, Muehlstein carries more than 200 million pounds of inventory at all times, stored in regional warehouses and rail facilities. We also own and operate:

  • A private fleet of more than 500 railcars
  • 350 bulk and van trucks
  • 6 regional storage, distribution and blending centers

We’re also adding supercenters, such as the one recently opened in Houston, for production, packaging, blending, importing, and storage. Our passion for trains, trucks, silos, boxes, sacks, and wheels in motion is another reason we can offer seamless solutions for rail storage, debagging, blending, and warehousing.

Where we have inventory

What’s more, we source from 36 countries and are backed by unmatched relationships with best-in-class resin producers around the world.